Mordern technology makes it possible: there are now numerous hearing solutions available, which can be adjusted to meet the individual needs and way of life of people with hearing loss and thus ensure a greatly improved quality of life. With the aid of state-of-the-art technology, many people with a hearing loss are able to hear and actively take part in life again.

Do you have the feeling that you no longer hear well? Then don't hesitate, go and have your hearing tested. The longer you wait before you start to actively do something against your hearing loss, the longer it will take you to regain better hearing. Why? It's because your brain accustoms itself to the restricted hearing ability. Most people do not recognize their hearing loss as their hearing slowly reduces over a long period of time. The brain then assumes the reduced hearing is "normal". When the person is then fitted with a hearing aid it can then take some time for the brain to get accustomed to hearing all the sounds again.

The fitting of a hearing aid by the hearing care professional requires a great deal of care, as it is individually adapted to your hearing loss, your personal requirements and your way of life.

1. The hearing test

This test sheds light on the lvel of your hearing ability. » Start hearing test

2. What can a hearing aid do for me?

Based on the test, the hearing care professional can explain to you how much a hearing aid can compensate for your hearing loss and what the limits are.

3. My individual requirements

It is important to describe the situations in which you have experienced hearing problems as precisely as possible to the hearing care professional.:
What do you do professionally? Do you practise sport? Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you play an instrument? Do you go to the theatre or cinema regularly? Do you travel a lot?

4. How much does a hearing aid cost?

The cost of a hearing aid depends varies dependant on the level of technology. 90% of people are supplied with two hearing aids. The hearing you are fitted with will be based on your hearing and lifestyle needs. The amount of financial support you receive for your hearing aid depends on your health insurance as well as the local regulatory provisions with which you should clarify this issue.

5. Individual fitting

The hearing aids chosen will then be customized specifically for you by your hearing care professional. Your hearing levels and lifestyle needs will be taken into account when setting up the hearing aids. » Learn everything about Phonak state-of-the-art hearing systems