Addressing this question is particularly important, because hearing loss always comes with a social dimension. Some people avoid all contact. They feel insecure and don’t know how to communicate with a person who uses a hearing aid. However this can be overcome by following these small simple steps.
You don’t have to shout. This does not help with understanding speech. Don’t speak more loudly, but more clearly and slowly.
In loud environments, you should shorten the distance between you and the listener.
People with hearing loss gain important information from facial expressions and lip movements. The more clearly you speak, the better for your partner.
Call the hearing aid user by his or her name. Make sure that the person can see you or lightly tap his or her shoulder.
Avoid having conversations from one room to another or in a place with intense background noise. Vacuum cleaner, washing machine or loud music can make a conversation frustrating for both sides.
Please be aware that using a hearing aid can be very exhausting at first. When talking to a hearing aid user, look for signs of tiredness. Do not force or prolong the conversation unnecessarily.
Especially during the learning phase, the concentration of the hearing aid user may lessen quickly. Hearing and understanding take a lot of energy. Never force a conversation.
Roger System is specifically designed to assist individual with hearing impaired in noisy environment.